Norsk representasjon i IFLA

IFLA (The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) er den internasjonale bibliotekorganisasjonen. De representerer interessene til bibliotek, informasjonstjenester og brukerne av disse. Som de selv skriver: «It is the global voice of the library and information profession.»

IFLAer en stor organisasjon, og Norge har mange representanter i IFLA-styrer. Her har vi samlet navnene på alle nordmenn som sitter i et styre per dags dato.

IFLA Governing Board

GB Member 2013-2015, Maria Carme Torras i Calvo

Library Director, Library Director

Bergen University College, Norway

National Libraries (Section 1)

Secretary of IFLA NAT Section, Roger Jøsevold,

National Library of Norway

Academic and Research Libraries (Section 2)

Corresponding Member, Ane Landøy

University of Bergen Library

Education and Training (Section 23)

Secretary of IFLA SET Section, Jannicke Røgler

(first term 2011- March 2014)

Library Adviser, Buskerud County Library

Statistics and Evaluation (Section 22)

Secretary / Treasurer: Tord Høivik

(2nd term 2011-2015)

Associate Professor, Oslo University College

Audiovisual and Multimedia (Section 35)

Trond Valberg

Head Curator, National Library of Norway

Bibliography (Section 12)

Kari Mathisen

(first term 2011-2015)

Head of Cataloguing Section

The National Library of Norway

Library Buildings and Equipment Section (Section 20)

Bjørn Skevik

Director, Department Building and Facility Services

The National Library of Norway

Cataloguing (Section 13)

Newsletter editor, Unni Knutsen

(first term 2011-2015)

Section Manager – Humanities and Social Sciences Library, University of Oslo Library

Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section (Section 10)

Jorun Systad

Library Director, Høyanger Public Library

Classification and Indexing Section(Section 29)

Elise Conradi

Head librarian, National Library of Norway – Acquisition and Bibliographic Services Development

Document Delivery and Resource Sharing (Section 15)

Helen Sakrihei

(second term 2011-2015)

Head of Section, National Library of Norway

Genealogy and Local History Section(Section 37)

Bozena Rasmussen

First term: 2014-

Information Literacy (Section 42)

Almuth Gastinger

Standing Committee Member of IFLA INFOL Section

Academic Librarian / Subject Specialist

NTNU Library

First term: 2007-2011

Second term: 2011-2015

Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities (Section 31)

Information Coordinator, Kari Kummeneje

The Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille

Library Services to People with Special Needs Section (Section 9)

Information Coordinator, Erlend Ra

Senior adviser, National Library of Norway

Library Theory and Research (Section 24)

Heidi Kristin Olsen

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Oslo and Akershus University College

of Applied Sciences

First term: 2011-2015

Management and Marketing (Section 34)

Ruth Ørnholt

Head, Hordaland County Library

First term: 2014 –

Library Services to Multicultural Populations (Section 32)

Siri Tidemann-Andersen

Head of Department, Deichmanske Oslo Public Library

First term: 2013-

Newspapers (Section 39)

Mona Løkås

Section Manager, The National Library of Norway

First term: 2011-2015

Library and Research Services for Parliaments (Section 3)

Jarle Skjørestad

Standing Committee member of IFLA PAR Section

Head of Research

Research Section, Stortinget

First term: 2011

Public Libraries Section (Section 8)

Chair: Leikny Haga Indergaard

Library Director

Bergen Public Library

First term: 2013-2017

Rare Books and Manuscripts (Section 18)

Bente Granrud

Head of Section Manuscripts and Papers

The National Library of Norway

Reference and Information Services Section(Section 36)

Trude Færevaag

Head Librarian, Faculty of Education Library

Bergen University College, Library, Norway

First term: 2013-2017

School Libraries and Resource Centers (Section 11)

Randi Lundvall

School Librarian

Løkeberg Primary School

Baerum Kommune, Løkeberg Skole

Annike Selmer

Head of Children, Youth and School Department

Oslo Public Library

Library Buildings and Equipment (Section 20)

Corresponding Member, Ingvild Monsen (biography)

Head of Department

The Library, Bergen University College

First term: 2005

Second term: 2009

Congress Advisory Committee

Tone Eli Moseid

Library Director

Tønsberg and Nøtterøy Public Library



Corresponding member:
Each Standing Committee may appoint up to five Corresponding Members. These places are intended for people who are normally unable to attend the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (and therefore the meetings of the Standing Committee) for geographical or financial reasons. Their role is to represent countries in geographical areas, which might not otherwise be represented, or to provide expertise in a specific subject field. They receive the Standing Committee papers and are expected to maintain regular contact with the Officers and other Standing Committee members.